When Following Up Becomes Harrassment

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

The most important part of following up is to make sure that it is in the best interest of the client or the potential client. 

Stop and ask yourself, is this in my best interest and my own numbers or is this best for my client?

3 steps to follow:

  1. Timeframe
  2. A reason 
  3. Verbal confirmation from the other person

How to establish a follow-up:

Let them know that you understand that the current round of your program is not for them because they have a lot of expenses coming for Christmas (or whatever reason is applicable). Ensure you’re on the same page about the fact that you’re going to follow up with them for your next group program. 

Example: Nicole, I understand that this round of Surefire CEO is not the best for you, because you've got a lot of expenses coming up with Christmas. But you want to be a part of my January group. Is that correct?  

Confirm the exact date that you’re going to follow up with them.

ExamplePerfect. So just to confirm, I'm going to follow up with you in the second week of January to make sure that we set up your enrollment before we start the final week of January. Does that sound good to you? 


Follow up is now confirmed with a timeframe. 

Setting expectations 

It is really important to establish expectations and make sure that you're both on the same page. If you are setting up a follow-up at a time that makes the most sense for you and not them, it's not true service. 

Set a follow up that works for them:

Example: Nicole, I've got you here on my calendar. I'm going to give you a call on January 12. So we're going to touch base, around five o'clock because I know that works for you. Does that sound good? Or is there a better time?

Top tip: Send a calendar invite 

Management software

I definitely recommend having a system in place using management software, such as Asana. Not only will it help you stay organized but if you are also someone that finds that you are getting ghosted on follow-ups, this is something that can help keep that from happening. 

Don’t let them string you along

Sometimes people will string you along because they're trying to be nice and they don't want to hurt your feelings. If you have tried to set up 2 follow up appointments and it's not working.

Example: Nicole, I am so excited to help you accomplish XYZ in your business, but this is our second follow up appointment and we just keep missing each other. 

So I want to ask you, is this really what you want? Is this container, the one that's going to provide you the transformation that you know you need? Or are you avoiding me because you want to let me down easy?

Make it clear that your time is valuable and you deserve respect. 

Do you really want them on your team?

Do you want to sign someone to your team who is dodging your follow-ups and ghosting you?  

Is that someone likely going to:

  • Show up and do the work in your business? 
  • Show up and train people? 

Or are they going to be ghosting on the business once they get in? Are they going to be putting out that energy and not attracting people?

Like attracts like.

So you really need to ensure they are the right fit. To avoid wasting time you can say: 

You're not going to hurt my feelings if you don't feel that I am the right person to help you get what you want because my goal, as a coach, as a mentor, as a facilitator, is to make sure that you get what you want, whether that's working with me or not.

This might seem scary but when you do that, you will be energetically available for the right people to come in. 

Often in your business, you're conditioned to do the complete opposite. But I want to show you another way and I want to empower you to make the decision that is best for you. 

Make decisions that are best for your time, your energy, and your prospective customers.

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