Use your Intuition to Scale your Business with Paige Kane 

podcast Nov 10, 2020

In her early 20’s, Paige graduated from hospitality management where she developed strong skills figuring people out. She had a gift for being in touch with others and understanding their needs.

Even though she loved it, Paige was also burning out from the crazy hours and extra shifts in her work. She knew there was something else out there that would make her feel aligned with her truest goals.

After years of soul searching, she discovered a mentor where she began her intuitive training. Paige started to have clients and build her business while studying, and 10 years later, she has a business that supports her and makes her feel good.  

So, how did she make it?

Building a business is about consistency

Most of us would think that will happen quickly and in months, we would reach our ultimate goal. But in reality, it takes time and transformation to scale your business. Every step you take is important to where you are right now and where you want to be. 

Focus on your transformation

Take time to understand and get clear on your brand. Focus on what you want to deliver. Explore new things and methods for your business. Get clear on your language to attract the right clients. Paige talks about creating that vision of that transformation and emotional connection you want to have and be in your life. 

Tap into your intuition, scale your business and attract the right clients

Paige believes that it’s great to write tons of emails, perform launches, and create tons of content because that’s how you’ll connect with your clients. But, she also believes to tap into your intuition. Use your manifestation powers and use spiritual practices of visualization meditation to call people in. She always visualizes how she can make all of her actions feel really good to her and aligned with the energy that she has every single day. 

Tip: Close your eyes and visualize your interactions with the client that you’re trying to call in. Get aligned in the energy of how it’s going to feel working with them. Picture how they’re feeling right now and how they’re going to walk out from it. 

 If you want to connect your spirituality and dive into your intuition, question yourself what are you drawn to because that’s what’s going to help your personal growth and help your business. So, whether you see Tarot, oracle cards, crystals, start with whatever you feel intrigued first because this is how you really begin to incorporate some of those intuitive and spiritual practices into your business. 

Want to learn more practices and people that would help you use your intuition to scale your business and personal life? 

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