Systems & Socials You Need for 2021

podcast Dec 15, 2020

Get ready for 2021. 

I was trying to think of a way to encompass this in one word, but I wanted to talk about systems, procedures, and social media platforms. 


I think it's really important that we really talk about what things you should be doing based on where you are in your business, and what makes the most sense for your priorities in your business. 


Because you don't have to be everywhere and do all the things. But you want to make sure that the things that you are doing are aligned with your goals and where you see your business going in 2021. 


Let’s Talk Social Media Platforms. 


Should I be somewhere other than Instagram? 


I definitely believe that you should be somewhere else in addition to Instagram in 2021. Now, this isn't saying go on all the platforms and do all the things. These are just some of my recommendations based on what's trending right now. 


For example, you’re reading this right now. But, you can also hear it on my podcast, and if you’re on Youtube you’ll be watching this right now. 


I recommend Youtube to be a platform that you should look at in 2021. 


Video content is still KING. There, you can create such powerful, impactful, and creative content.


It is an amazing place where you can create all types of content from behind the scenes to educational to even video podcasting. So I think YouTube is absolutely a great platform that you can also use for repurposing video content. You can create a Youtube video and turn it into a podcast. You can also take pieces from it and turn them into Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and Instagram stories as well.


There’s so much to do with one valuable piece of content. 


Another platform that you should be looking at for 2021 is TikTok. 


I understand that this platform seems to be for kids. But, there are millions and millions of videos produced on a daily or weekly basis. There are so many different things going on than just kids. There are so many more adults there.

Remember back in the day, you were scared to come on Instagram because you thought it was only kids and teenagers. Well, guess what? It's not just like with Instagram, TikTok is not just kids, it's not just teenagers. There are adults there. 


Personally, I don't use TikTok that much for my business. Honestly, it's fun. It gives me some creative ideas. It's a little bit of a creative outlet because I love my dances.

But, I think it could definitely be something where you can get in front of an audience effortlessly and have the ability to go viral on TikTok. 


One platform that can help you in 2021 is Podcasts. 


It’s a thing right now. However, it’s not for everyone. Podcasting is a long-term game and maybe you would not see results immediately. You have to be ready to commit to the process. You have to be committed to posting once per week because it’s the consistency and building up that loyal listening base that podcasting will be beneficial to your brand. 


Now, what systems and processes should you add to your calendar in 2021? 


Email List

Remember that you don’t own social media. You’re borrowing it. And you don’t know if tomorrow Instagram will be canceled, TikTok will be gone.


However, you do own your email list.


With that email list, you can easily send out weekly or monthly newsletters. An email list is a way to build a relationship with your audience behind the scenes so that you can focus on the things about the business that you love and being the face of your brand.


Email is another way that people build strong relationships with you.


When you get a little bit more advanced, you can create automation, funnels, and have different ways, and paths that people can travel on a customer journey with you. 


That's powerful. 


If you don’t know anything about funnels and automation, don't be overwhelmed. I'm going to help you with some of this stuff during an upcoming masterclass that's going to help you with sales, inviting, and building up your email list. We’re also going to be talking about making your email list and emails that you send a part of that plan so that you can spend less time having to be everywhere on social media and be able to achieve more of a work-life balance. 


Get organized in 2021 


The next thing you really want to be thinking a lot about is who is my person?


Who I'm going to be serving in 2021? 


How can I create better systems to help them? 


So the last thing I want to touch on today is a way to keep you organized. 


Whether you are using something like a calendar in Google Drive, or Asana, I highly recommend getting one in place for you to keep yourself organized. 


I understand. A paper planner is great !! But, when you're in the online space, there are a lot of moving parts. 


You may be outsourcing or starting to hire a team. 


You may be creating a freebie and an email list. 


There's a lot to manage where I think that sometimes it can become too much for a paper planner. 


Personally, I love Asana.  I use the free version, and I keep my to-do list on there. There, I set due dates for all the things that I want to do. You know how I talk about not making it complicated!! 


Something I do is plan 3 priority tasks for the day. If I feel that I want to do much more that day, I’ll do other tasks once I’m done with the priority ones for the day. If I don’t feel like working after the priority tasks, I’ll just close my computer and I’m done for the day. This helps me to keep being organized and keeping a work-life balance. 


When you plan for your business, you’re not all over the place trying to be everywhere and please everyone. When you plan for your business, you’re showing up with purpose and intention, which is so powerful, and I know it's going to be super helpful for you. 


Let me know if this was helpful to you. 


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