Stop The Hey Girl Challenge Day 5 Recap

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2020

Today is all about encouraging your audience to take action. You want your audience to see you as an authority and listen to your recommendations when you tell them to fill out a form to work with you. 

The goal of today is to give you some tools and tactics to confidently get people to follow through on your CTA/CTEs so you can close sales TODAY!

We also want you to be able to confidently show your audience that you are an authority in your niche and should be paid for your expertise. 

The CTA and the HOOK are like the main characters of a movie

They need to be the most important pieces of your caption. A lot of times when I write, I start with the hook and I have my call to action in mind, and then I fill in the rest in the middle. 

Regardless of length, the hook brings them in, but the CTA lets them know whether they want to keep reading and follow through on the action. 

Make sure that the CTA stands alone in a paragraph, because if you are jumbling your CTA in with a big paragraph people will gloss over it. 

Language you should and shouldn’t be using 

  • Assume The Yes
    • Stop saying “if you’re interested click the link in my bio.” If they’ve watched all of your stories or read to the end of your post, you have to assume they’re interested in your offer and what you have to say. They resonate and connect with you and they know that they need it. 
  • Avoid Unsure Language
    • When we use this language, it appears that we are not confident in what we are selling that we're not confident in what we're pitching. The quickest way to lose a connection and to lose trust is if you do not appear certain. Your confidence and your certainty transfers to your prospect and to your buyer.
  • Avoid Passive Language
    • Passive language will make them pause and question why your offer will work for them if you’re not confident it will work. 
  • Tell them EXACTLY where to go
    • You need to be extremely specific. Tell them to go to the link in your bio and fill out the application.
    • Show a screenshot of your IG profile with an arrow pointing to your bio
    • Screen record the link in bio and show the application process
    • Ditch the LinkTree, people get distracted when they’re presented with too many options. 

Authority journey to your link

  • Step 1: Teach on your feed 
  • Step 2: Send them to stories 
  • Step 3: Direct them to the link in your bio

There’s no cutesy name for this system, it’s the value, value, ask, apply system. As you can see, there are three touch points, and you need to make sure at least two of them are value-packed, before asking them to apply.

Give twice as much value as you’d expect someone to invest. You ask whether it worked and resonated with them and then when you ask them whether they want more and when they say yes,  you send them to the place to apply. 

Micro conversions

Each step of this journey is considered a micro conversion. Micro conversions make it much, much easier for someone to be ready to invest in your main offer. Give your audience ways to micro convert before you talk to them about the business opportunity or before you ask them to spend $160 on a challenge pack. 

Giving someone something for free, is a micro conversion. Listening to you when you tell them to share or save this post is a micro conversion. 

Authority building through investments 

Want people to know that they can pay you? Share that people pay you. Avoid language like "I coach/mentor you for free!" it conditions your audience/customers to expect to never pay you for your expertise! 

Share on stories:

  • "Sally invested in my new year new you group and...."
  • "Sandra invested in the haircare line I put together for her ...."

Share your OWN investments

  • Investments in purchasing products DO NOT count. 
  • Talk about the skills you’re learning or any certifications you’re doing. 
  • If you’re looking for business builders, talk about business and entrepreneurship and why you should be the one to mentor them.

Don't ask other people to do things you aren't willing to do.

  • If you don't get off the fence, they won't get off the fence
  • If you ghost, they will ghost
  • Like attracts like so make sure you’re showing up and building your business in a way that feels good to you and which is packed with integrity. 

Stop The Hey Girl Challenge Recap:

  • Day 1: Updating your profile to show you're serious about your business
  • Day 2: Your bio tells your audience EXACTLY who you help and what you help them do! BAM!
  • Day 3: We honed in on some video skills necessary to convert curious followers into loyal customers
  • Day 4: We wrote a powerful caption that converts
  • Day 5: We worked on further authority boosting to get people to apply to work with YOU!

It doesn’t have to be over

We can keep working together sister! 

If you saw any of these changes in the past 5 days, then the Stop The Hey Girl Method is for you! In fact, it would be a disservice to you to NOT continue this forward momentum

  • in your content
  • in your interactions
  • in your invites & sales
  • In other people noticing the upgraded business YOU

How do you grab your spot? GO HERE!