Social Media that Supports your Business

podcast Apr 27, 2021

I believe people know exactly what they need to be doing. But what ends up happening is that we end up overthinking it right. When we overthink it, we get into these habits of doing things in business that aren't helping. 


I have to preface this by saying this is really speaking to the individual who is really noticing that even though they're showing up on social media, their business isn't moving ahead. The biggest thing is, you can be someone who sells products here and there, and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. It's awesome. But it is slightly different than wanting to have a business. So when I say do you want to have a business? The reason why I'm asking that is I want to know:

  • Are you willing to do what it takes to actually have a business? 
  • Do you want to use social media to grow your business? 
  • Are you okay doing the actions on social media that are required to have social media be a tool for your business? (because as we know, also, we don't own social media. It is not ours, it is borrowed real estate that we are using, and it is an amazing tool. But if you want to use social media for business, you have to be willing to use social media for business)

Have an objective in mind when using social media to grow your business


The biggest mistake across the board that I see people make is posting without an objective. So when you are showing up on social media for the purpose of utilizing it for business, you want to have an objective in mind. Does that mean that every single thing you do has to be planned and calculated? No. But it does mean that the actions that you take should meet the objective.  


Are you showing up as a business, or are you showing up for the heck of it? This is basically another way that I describe self-serving versus client-serving content. When you post something or you share something, does it support your objective? I can promise you, you giving yourself a pat on the back for finishing a program? You talking about how today was so hard, and life sucks? Talk to you later. Is that good? People towards the objective. 

Stop Treating your Social Media as a Diary to Grow your Business 

Another thing is, as a personal brand, a lot of us are infusing our life and our personality into our business. So the biggest question to ask there is, with the actions that you are taking, and how you are showing up on social media, how can that support your business, rather than showing up as someone who treats social media like a diary? Is there a way to create a diary format? That's a marketing plan to support a business? Sure. But is that what you're doing? No. 


When you show up and you treat Instagram like a diary, and you come at it with no plan, people don't see you as an authority or as a business owner or someone that has a solution and solves problems. And when they don't see you like any of those three, that means that you're just showing up, and it's not supporting what you want to have on the other side. Whether you are building your business for rank, for income, for fame, whatever the reason is that you are building your business when you show up, and you are not hitting on any of those three points, all that's doing is creating work for you, that has no ROI. 

Create your social media strategy to have a good ROI 

One of the best ways to see our ROI is by asking: 

  • What are some things that you can do about this right now? How do you show up? Is it supporting the objective? 
  • How much time are you spending on things that don't support your objective? Because sometimes there's gonna be things that don't. But, how much time are you giving to those? So what are some things that you can do to start to change how you're showing up on social media so that you are not creating more work for yourself?  


No matter how much time you have in a day to devote to your business, these are the questions that you want to be asking yourself. If I'm posting to my feed, the goal is to get that feed post in front of new eyes, is what you're posting is visual? So, if my goal is to get in front of new eyes, prioritizing stories should not be my goal. My goal should be creating visual content that’s valuable and appealing to new eyes, and engaging. 


In my social media agency, we prioritize the three main components: visual representation, written representation, and engagement piece. And when the three of those work together, that is how you build authority. That's how you build trust. And that's how you utilize social media as a tool that brings in traffic, customers, and money into your business. 


Take that time and instead of wasting it on social media activity that doesn't fit your objective, turn that into social media activity that does, right. Do you want more eyes? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you want to make more sales? What needs to happen in order to get there? Do you need to increase brand awareness? Do you need to increase offer or product awareness? Do you need to increase the quality of the relationships that you have? 


Doing the wrong activities can impact your ability to get what you want in your business. And that is social media activities and outside. So the challenge for today is going to do a little bit of reflection. How much time am I spending? And how much of that truly supports my objective? What activities? Can I swap out a little less of what doesn't support my objective and a little more of what things do?


This is an opportunity for you to step up. Do a little bit of self-discovery, make these subtle adjustments. And when you look back in about two weeks, I guarantee you're gonna see a world of difference. If you have any questions about this, you know where to find me. 


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