Selling to Your Cold Market

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020

Coming into the Network Marketing business with a warm audience provides a pretty good ego boost. Often your family and friends want to support you, so they buy what you have to sell. But when you start running out of family and friends to sell to and you deplete your warm market, you end up smacking your face on the cold, hard concrete of your cold market. You’re not prepared to sell to them because you haven’t set the foundation and they’re not prepared to by from you because all of sudden you’re acting differently.

If you still have a warm market while you're reading this it’s time to start implementing these tips immediately. Better yet, start teaching your downline so that they don't have that freak-out moment when they realise that converting a cold market is more difficult than converting a warm market.

The customer journey

The customer journey is the journey that someone goes through the minute they see your content. This is how they view your social media page, hang out with you and consume your content to get to know you over time. This is how they move from know to like to trust. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest thing to think about. 

Know: maximise the dough

Pay attention to which social media platforms you're using and the different touch points that people are able to have with you. An example of different touch points: 

  • Do you have a free Facebook community?
  • Do you generate leads through Pinterest?
  • Do you show up and do an occasional dance on TikTok?

The more places they see you and the more often they consume your content, the easier it will be for them to recognise what you teach, your name and your face. 

You need to be showing up in multiple places, and more importantly you need to be showing up consistently. 

Like: show up as yourself, not your upline

Your likability determines whether people like you or not. This can be tricky because most people in the online space are not showing up as who they are in person. They're constantly trying to be like their upline, they're copying other people's content and programmes, and they're not spending enough time showing up authentically as themselves.

I get just as excited when people tell me that they don't like me as when people tell me that they love me. Why? I don't want wishy-washy people in my audience because they’re not going to contribute to the community.

Showing up as yourself sounds easy but I want you to evaluate how you've been showing up on social media. Are you showing up as who you actually are or are you trying to impress someone who you don't even like? 

Trust: give them something to believe in

Once the person likes you, getting to trust can be simple. These five things will help you move your audience from simply liking you, to fully trusting you and what you do. 

  1. They have to believe that you will be here a year from now. If they believe that you're committed to your mission aNd your business, they will trust you.
  2. They need to believe that you have the solution for their problem. You need to have a unique value proposition (UVP) which is your promised result when working with you.
  3. Social proof that you have the ability to make an impact on someone and show it off.
  4. Make it about them, not about you. Use inclusive language and focus on what you can do to serve them on their journey. 
  5. Show off your little quirks so people remember you. You want people to see things out in the real word that make them think of you. People know I love pumpkin spice so they send me pictures of their pumpkin spice lattes. When they’re thinking of you outside social media that's power!

Gaining authority with your cold market

Your cold market doesn’t know you from Sally Sue down the street so how can you stand out?

Case studies

Show social proof of what it's like to work with you. Develop a case study of your previous clients and share them with your audience. A few things to consider when developing a case study: 

  • Talk about what it was like with someone before they started working with you.
  • What you did together.
  • What the result was

Someone who's in that individual shoes when they started are going to imagine how amazing it will feel when they get to that point. If they can resonate with that individual story and the case study, they will be much more likely to convert. 

Position yourself as an expert

Show that there's people in your DM’s asking you questions. If they don't see people asking you questions and looking to you as an educator and a resource, they won't be reaching out to ask you questions either.

Anytime someone asks a question you can make their name private but share the question and share your response. This also is giving free value which is something that we love. This is a major authority build for you. 

Give without expectation 

Blow the socks off your cold market by giving your juiciest free value without expectation.

When I show up and deliver the best of the best, two things happen:

  1. I sign my dream clients who get amazing results every single time.
  2. I also get a tonne of people in my audience who have never invested and will probably never invest with me—and that's okay. 

Even if those people never buy from me, I still have an amazing group of ideal clients who I'm so lucky to have and love working with.

When I give my best free value it builds their trust in me because if they see how good the free stuff is. It gets them thinking, imagine how awesome the paid stuff is! They know they’re going to get unbelievable value with a personalised mentorship. 

The key takeaway

Overall, developing really strong relationships with your audience and bringing relationships to this industry is what it's all about if you want a sustainable and scalable business that is around long term.

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