Is It Easier To Sell Low Or High Ticket?

podcast Jul 20, 2021

Selling low ticket and high ticket for network marketers, which one is easier? Now, there are network marketing companies that have always had high ticket packages. So in the network marketing industry, I consider something high ticket to be something that's over a couple of $100 that you're paying at once. And when you think of the business opportunity of network marketing, that also falls into the category of a high ticket investment because someone is investing a larger sum over an expected long-term period of time. So I always put the business opportunity into that high ticket bucket. The biggest thing, and especially with my Beachbody individuals in the audience, you are partnering up with a spin bike company and launching a spin bike that the investment retail, as far as we know is two packages, a $1300 package, and a $1500 package. 


However, this is just not even for the topic of Beachbody. There are also other companies that again, have expensive products and packages, including but not limited to Rodin and field with the skin packages. So essentially, the difference here is we have a low ticket, which is essentially an impulse to buy an individual product that's under the $300 realm. And then we have above the 300 realms in the category of high ticket, and then the business opportunity. 


Now with the announcement of the pricing, I'm thinking specifically of Beachbody here with the bike. There has been a lot of fear expressed. If people have a hard time wrapping their head around the initial signup of something that's $160, how can they even begin to comprehend investing $1500? You've likely said that as well. And just so you know, that is a common feeling and a common question, but also a common misconception because here's the thing, I want you to think of the last time you upgraded your cell phone. Most cell phones cost over $1,000, and most people have a cell phone. They bought it with relative ease. Yes! A lot of the time right with cell phones is paying over a period of time. And that's just one example. Another fabulous example would be people going in and buying purses, Louis Vuitton, Gucci going in and buying shoes, right? There are things that we invest high ticket in all the time in our day-to-day lives.


Some guests are coming from a place of necessity, like paying your six-month car insurance premium. And then others are a little bit more of a fun luxury product purchase. But we are no strangers to investing in a high ticket when it's something that we want. And it's something that we care about. There are things in your life that you will invest in no matter the cost because you love them. There are things we have loyalty to. There are also people who are accustomed to investing in high tickets all the time. And no matter where you fall in the spectrum here, what we want to think about is the fact that the pricing of something doesn't matter. It's the transformation that matters. 


It’s never about money. 


People were investing at a higher level than the year prior, which might surprise you that there were people spending more money on things over the past year and a half than the year prior. Why is that though? It was the perceived value. So people saw the value of the fact when they were stuck at home, and they wanted a high-quality spin bike product now that basically uses that information, for example. 


It's never about money. And again, even if you are struggling to sell a lower ticket product, that does not dictate your ability to sell a high ticket product. You struggling to sell something at $100 doesn't mean anything. Because the consumer that is investing $1500 on a high ticket product is not the consumer that you're talking to that's giving you problems over investing $100. It's a different kind of consumer, a low ticket consumer is different from a high ticket consumer in your area of business. For example, maybe you like to buy expensive shoes every so often and you don’t mind spending a couple of hundred dollars quarterly to buy shoes, but for me spending more than $60 dollars on shoes is expensive. Or when I spend $2000 on extensions, to you may sound expensive but for me is normal. Does that mean there's anything wrong with you? No. Does it mean there's anything wrong with me? No, I am a high ticket consumer when it comes to my hair, I prioritize it and I invest at a high level. I will not let anyone touch my hair. Even if it's cheaper. Someone can say “oh yeah, I could do that for $1,000 less.”


Why is it that some people get to effortlessly close invites when they're prospecting but you can't even sign a childhood friend? You think there's something wrong with you but that's not it. You are good at what you do. You just lack a comprehensive sales system that gives you the tools and the confidence to close the right people and bless and release the people that you shouldn't have been inviting in the first place. 


Ignite your invite is my brand new sales and inviting program. Whether you are focusing on selling a high ticket product that's launching this year or you want to bring people into the business, this is going to give you the tools to effectively close your invites so that you can stop chasing people and following up constantly and get the right people in the door and start immediately.


There's an amazing opportunity for four weeks of live coaching with me, where we are going to be working together hand in hand to practice the sales system so that you feel prepared so that when you are in the thick of it, inviting your prospects, you know exactly what to do. 100% of my clients who have done this system of sales and inviting practice have said that they feel more prepared and more confident to close sales than they have before. 


Pitch it Right 


It's not difficult to sell a low ticket or high tickets, where the issue arises is when you're trying to use a low ticket sales strategy to sell a high ticket product. Because as an example, if someone was trying to sell me the same custom colored hand-tied hair extensions that I use, with the same energy such as:  “try it out, put it in your hair, we have a 100% money-back guarantee, if, for any reason, this doesn't work out, as we'll refund you. Here's a 20% off coupon, you also get a rebate and this and that.” If I'm spending that much money on my hair, and that kind of energy is coming at me about discounts refund cancel anytime, am I going to feel super confident investing that much money when someone is that defensive and lacks confidence in how they're talking about their offer? Likely No. But if I was just buying lipstick, and they use that same energy I would be like “No problem. There's less risk with a $15 lip product, as there is with this with my hair.” 


However, with a high ticket and a high vibe sales strategy, you can use that to sell something low ticket, and it might actually help you convert better. 


You have to make sure that you're using the right approach and the right language with the right person. Because you have high ticket buyers who are so ready. And selling high tickets is just as easy as selling low tickets. 


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