Want People To Stop Quitting Your Team? 

podcast Feb 16, 2021

Client retention basically means that you have people that are staying on your team. Now, one of the main reasons that people are leaving your network marketing team is they are feeling like they were brought in under false pretenses meaning they were brought in under the guise of glitz, glam, money, and fashion, and they found out that this business requires work, a lot of work, hard work. But you weren't very forthcoming with them when you had them join. 


I know what you're thinking, “Kayla, if I tell them how hard it is, they won't want to join”. That's not true. The right people will join because people who get into entrepreneurship know it's not easy. They know it's not a get rich quick. But when you are positioning the business opportunity, as a “make money fast, retire your spouse live a life of beaches and luxury”, that is where you're being dishonest. And that's why people are not joining you. So what can you do to help that? 


Be honest about what it really takes to build your business 


First and foremost, be honest about what it really takes to build your business. Don't talk about one to two-hour power pockets of your day when you know it’s not true. You're working a lot of hours in your business. But be honest about what it requires to build the business and tell people what it really takes. 


Show them what’s actually required to build this business well, not just the fancy and luxury stuff. 


Next, show them in your social media content the behind-the-scenes of what's actually required to build this business well. And I'm not talking about just the zoom calls, the trips, and the prizes you get in the mail. Talk about how you show up and help people, and how you in your business changes people's lives. Show them what are you doing on a day to day to support your customers and your clients. And what is so powerful is when you show up on social media and show what it takes, you are training people about how to build the business before they even get in the business, and that leads to less onboarding. 


Have an onboarding system 


You need to have a system that when you bring people in. There is a clear cut structure of what they go through to meet the case. How do you get people started? What point are they first running to? Most people are pushing something like success club or rank right out the gate. And I don't think that that's the best move because “rank” and something like “success club” is a vague metric, that doesn't mean anything to someone who is just coming into this business. But money is a universal language that everyone can understand. So, when you have an onboarding system that helps someone make money, in integrity and in the field, good way right away, they are staying in the business, because you are helping them get started by helping them have a business that makes money. 


Manage your business expectations 


As you are getting someone started in the business when they know what to expect from you, you’ll always be on the same page. So you don't need to worry about a mistake in communication or miscommunication. Because you're on the same page. Examples of expectations could be:


  • how to reach you
  • when to reach you where to find information
  • where to go for help


All of those things are really important and need to be communicated to help ensure the success of your team member. And something that you're likely realizing this and maybe not is that a lot of this is very similar to when you are hiring someone in a job, the principles are the same.


There is some influence brought in from jobs and from corporate because systems and structure are how people thrive. When you leave people to their own devices, that's when things start to fall. When you manage expectations, everyone is on the same page. And that greatly decreases the likelihood of disappointment. 


Prioritize the people that are already there with you 


When you think about bringing someone into your network marketing business and bringing someone into your team, it is also imperative that you prioritize the people that are already there, more so than recruiting new, because the quickest way to completely ruin a relationship and ruin belief in the business opportunity is when you bring someone in say “Hey, thanks for your money”, and now you're back out constantly recruiting and you're completely disregarding the person that already invested and is sitting right here in front of you. 


Now I know there's a lot of pressure that you're getting from above to recruit, recruit, recruit, but guess what? You're a business owner. It's not about what's best. for other people. It's about what's best for your organization, your clients, your team members, and the people that you're pouring into. And what's best for them is that you are focused on serving their needs first, and then scheduling time to recruit after their needs are met. If you want to know how you can build a strong sustainable organization that doesn't crumble, the minute you take a day off, it's when you prioritize who is there first. 


Show up and treat your business like a business. 


Because you call yourself a business owner, it's time to act like one. It's time to show up and treat this business like a business. And what is so amazing about that is once you follow these tips that I'm talking about in this video, teach your downline to do that. 


Having a strong foundation in your business starts with you prioritizing business activities that are treating it as a business. I have a FREE challenge coming up in February to help you build a sustainable and scalable business by focusing on the right activities behind recruiting to your business and bringing the right people into your organization. 


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