Goal Setting for 2021!

podcast Dec 29, 2020

I have never actually shared how I set my goals and how you can do them. When people ask me, I always refer them to someone else because it is not my expertise. But, because you guys keep asking me, I’m going to explain a little bit about how I set my goals because it is not how everyone does them. 


I don't make a vision board. I don't do vision board parties, I don't sit down and do a master goal setting at the end of the year, I probably make it a little too simple. 


Setting goals is important, and you would want to dedicate some time to create them and have clarity on what you want to do. However, I think when we set goals, there are ways to set goals that are discouraging and damaging. 


Start with the desired outcome 


My favorite way to set any type of goal is to start with the desired outcome and then, figure out what actions are required to get there. 


Set Quarterly Goals 


I do not really set monthly goals as a whole, I set quarterly goals. When you set quarterly goals, you give yourself an opportunity to not completely crash and burn if you miss a goal in a given month. 


For example, you have a quarterly goal to sign 10 clients. So, for the first month, you signed 3 clients, which is great. Suddenly, the second month you signed 2 clients. So, for the third month, you'll know exactly what to do to get those 4 clients. 


It’s having goals without feeling the monthly stress of completing them. 


If you have monthly goals, you will work and stress to get those monthly goals accomplished and you will forget that there are other important things going on along the way. 

Set Goals that are aligned with what you want to Achieve in your Business


One thing that I have noticed is that sometimes we make goals based on what other people say we do. When this happens, chances are you’re never going to achieve those goals because they are not yours. They are not working for you. You will feel resistance towards it because when we constantly push for goals that are not our own or are not what we truly want, we get burnt out, and we get disappointed.


So the first thing I work through with clients is to really analyze and ask themselves: 


“are these goals that I have for myself personally, or professionally, things that are put on me by other people or by society?” 


Set Goals Based on Experiences and Feelings 


Set goals that are based on experiences and feelings versus money or things.

Feelings and experiences are the goals versus money or things. Why? When we are pushing for a goal, let's say it's $10,000 in a given month. Our brain has such a hard time conceptualizing what that actually is, and what is actually required to work for that. So, we're so caught up in making $10,000 but we don’t really have a clue how to get there because we are just focused on hitting that 10k goal. 


If you set your goals based on feelings and experiences, every time you feel down, drained, or disappointed at things in life and business, you can always close your eyes and imagine that goal that you want. This will always push you forward to achieving it. That visualization is what helps give you the clarity and the vision to brainstorm the action steps and the tactics that are necessary to get you to that experience.


When it comes to goal setting, that is what I strongly encourage you to do: think about what you actually want, not what other people say that you should want. Then, think about the experience that you want to have, the place where you want to be, the house you want to buy, and visualize those goals every time you are feeling down. 


Having these moments of picturing what it's going to feel like when you experience the outcome of that goal that you truly want, it brings you back centered, it helps you stay grounded, and it helps you stay focused in the moment. And my friend, that is what's going to give you the clarity and the drive to get this done. 


So, when you are getting bombarded with vision board parties, goal setting, and all of these good conversations, what I want to leave you with today is your goals are yours. It doesn't matter if anyone else gets it, it doesn't matter if anyone else has the same goal. It doesn't matter if other people say your goal should be bigger. It's your goal. And you are the only one that gets to dictate that you get to set the bar and you get to raise it as many times as you want. 


Your goal can be out of this world, or it can be a smaller goal. That part doesn't matter. What matters is the power behind the visualization to give you the clarity, to write down the action steps about what's required to get it done. 

May you set the goals of 2021 with purpose and intention. 

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