Get More Views on IG Stories

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2020

Some people may have forgotten about Instagram stories, but not you, because you know that...

Instagram Stories are one of the most important ways to connect and build relationships with your audience

So what’s shifted?

People are coming to Instagram expecting more and more high value. The shift is not with consistency — as this is one of the biggest things behind consistent loyal views of your Instagram stories — but if your audience is not getting value and not getting what they come for, they're going to leave. 

Video content is still king

People look for the two E’s when consuming video content:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Education

For different audiences, these are going to mean different things. 

Vlog style content is doing very well on Instagram stories but it's not just about showing people your dog or your cute kids, your audience wants education and/or entertainment. 

How can I be entertaining?

You need to research what is it that your ideal client finds entertaining.

Personally, my audience can appreciate some good crude humor and they can also appreciate goofy things like pranks and light-hearted content. 

Think about your audience — what are some things that you can share that relates to their sense of humor?

Consistency is key

People want to know that they're going to see that type of value consistently. 

In my audience, people appreciate reviews on things when it comes to home decor, kitchen items, beauty, and makeup.

When I ask for opinions and talk about things and give reviews, the story views shoot up, because they know if I'm talking about certain products, they're going to find good recommendations. 

What is a mini-training? 

A mini-training is when you do a story teaching people something quickly.

Let's say you want to share a quick chicken recipe and you want to break it down enough for stories. Tell us what we need:

  1. Write out supplies 
  2. How we cook it 
  3. How we serve it

When you teach something in a form of a three-step system, your audience can ingest it that much easier, which makes it best suited for Instagram stories. 

3 steps to increase the views on your Instagram feed 

  1. Post to your feed three times a week 
  2. Use niche hashtags
  3. Use a powerful hook that stops the reader in the scroll and brings them in

Training your audience 

If you train your audience to know that they are going to see entertaining and educational content on your stories, they're going to impulsively come looking for it. If they consistently watch your stories Instagram will keep showing your stuff to them and that's how you build up consistent viewership over time. 

Tips and tricks to get more story views

  1. Animations, create them using Canva 
  2. Add subtitles to your stories. Use the voice to text button and it will transcribe it for you
  3. Share when people ask you questions, say how awesome you are or how much they love your content

Instagram stories are such powerful tools. Even if your viewership is down, if you follow these strategies and tactics, you're going to find that your views will consistently increase because your audience knows that you bring strong connection content, entertainment, and education. 

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