Fix your Instagram Bio Now

podcast Mar 03, 2021

I want to give you the best practices and tips for you to make your Instagram Bio stand out so that it can convert better. 

Your Instagram bio is that first impression. It really is a version of your storefront. And also a way for people to develop deeper connections with you. Instagram, when used properly can be a very powerful lead generation conversion sales tool. 

Know Who You Are and Who Are You Helping 

Now, to be as impactful as possible with editing your Instagram bio, it's really important that you know who you are here to help. Because if you don't know the people you're speaking to your target market and your niche, it's going to be really hard to have a powerful Instagram bio. We have to be specific about number one who you're helping, and what you're helping them do such as the outcome or transformation that they're going to get from working with you. 

Now chances are you help a lot of people do a lot of things. But for the sake of your bio, pick your favorite one. Pick the one that relates the most to the offer or service that you're promoting right now. 

So if you are looking to sell products make it related to the outcome of the products. If you are recruiting to your team, make it focused on what benefits someone has to work with you when they join your team to start their business. 

Your Instagram Bio is not Your Personal Diary or Dating Profile 

Now once we have that out of the way, now editing, your bio gets to be fun. One of the biggest, biggest mistakes that I see in the Instagram bio, and that I saw when I was basically doing these live audits was most people treat their bio like their own personal diary, or they treat it like a dating profile. “I love Starbucks. I have two kids, I love long walks on the beach, I drop f-bombs. I'm married to my high school sweetheart.” And here's the thing with that stuff, your audience doesn't care. Your audience is coming to your page based on recommendations, or they saw a piece of content that really resonated with them on your feed, or they saw an Instagram reel that they loved. Now they're checking out your page and they're trying to decide, are you for them or are you not? And when you have a business meaning you want people to pay you money, that Instagram bio real estate needs to be about what you bring to the table for them, what problems you solve for them. 

So, take out those personal attributes. Instead, put them in highlights so that when people go through them, they can learn more about you your story of how you got to where you are, and why you're here helping who you help, and serving who you serve, right. So take those out of the bio, now you have prime real estate to put in something I like to call an eye help statement. Here are a few tips: 

  • You don’t need to start with the “I” word. Instead of “I create business plans…”, you can definitely say “Creating business plans”. 
  • Don’t use the word “busy”. It’s a word that’s used and abused. (I have caught myself on this one). We know everyone is busy. So, try to use a more descriptive word that resonates with your target audience. 
  • Use language that resonates with your target audience.  
  • Be more specific. A clear and concise bio will always be cute and clever. So, don’t try to write with words that could be interpreted in so many ways for the sake of making it pretty. 

Have a Call to Action with a Link 

You need to have a call to action for your link. Because what's so awesome about Instagram is you're able to link to an outside site outside of Instagram. How can you use that? 

  • You can direct people to your free Facebook community. 
  • You can direct them to a sales page. 
  • You can do a freebie for a lead magnet. 

There are so many different things that you can direct people to. But here's the thing. People are not coming to your page, curious and bored enough to click your link for the heck of it. We are so choosy with how we spend our time on social media. We have squirrel brains, there are things going around in our environment and in our lives that distract us. So what's a girl to do? Right? It's intentional to make sure that you are letting us know why we should click that link. What's in it for us if we click it? 

One of the biggest mistakes that I saw is people saying something like “subscribe to my newsletter”. Why? Why should I subscribe to your newsletter and give you my email? What's in it for me? When you want someone to subscribe to something here's a tip for you always incentivize them with something super juicy, that they are so excited to get in their inbox. for free, in exchange for giving you their email address, I promise you're going to get so many more people on your list. Don't just try to get people in with a newsletter, because again, we're getting hundreds and hundreds of emails every single day, you want them to open yours, give them a reason to. 

Limit Your Instagram to One Link 

And lastly, the biggest mistake that was literally on everyone's profile, who I was looking at over the course of the past two days was using something called link tree or a similar service, that is basically a link where you can go to it, and then house multiple links. I know it sounds really cool in a really nice way to have every possible place to send people all in one spot. But where this isn't serving you is that people don't know where to go. And when you make it really difficult for people to get what they want by having a click-through of all these different things, they get bored, they get distracted, and they leave. 


So when you are actively selling or pushing people somewhere, or if you actually have somewhere that you want people to go, you have to create the least amount of barriers to entry, meaning that link in your bio should be exactly where you want people to go. They do not need to be clicking here, there, and everywhere to get what they want, because they will leave and they will not convert. So take out that link tree. And people say well, what should I put there? Where do you want people to go? Put that clear direct link.  Is it a type form? Is it a jot form? Is

It a Google form? Is it a freebie? Your Facebook group? Whatever happens, to be your Amazon referral link, it doesn't matter. Put the exact link. 

And what's so cool is you can change out that link as many times as you want. So let's say if, on Monday, you're directing people to your free Facebook group. And on Wednesday, you have a brand new freebie, all you have to do is switch out that link because your Instagram feed posts have an average lifespan of about 24 hours. So what happens is, after that point, people are not scrolling back that far. So you can safely change that link to coincide with the latest thing that you're posting about on your stories or to your feed. But again, there's nothing wrong with changing out that link frequently, right? Because the people that want to get to what's in that link will be able to easily get it link tree, especially when you have a slew of things. 

When you have a business, there's nothing wrong with your Instagram looking like a business, because people want businesses that have solutions to their problems. So stand strong in that. Stand in your authority. Stand in confidence that you have solutions to problems that people want to solve immediately. 

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