Diversity & Inclusivity in Network Marketing with BJ Iwuoha

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2020

Posting the black square is great. But it doesn't actually matter whether you posted the square on Blackout Tuesday or not.

Want to know what does matter?

What matters the most is what you are doing to educate and further your understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement.

A lot of people have asked how they can help and use their voice because staying silent isn't what's going to help. With the help of some of my friends who have shared amazing resources, I have compiled a list of some things you can do that make a difference beyond just posting once to social media.

I will be adding more things to this post as I continue to learn and. grow In no particular order:

1. Educate

Get your hands on books like White Fragility.

2. Support BIPOC on your social media 

RESHARE their videos, promote their work, let their voices be heard.

3. Hire BIPOC

You can hire BIPOC in so many different capacities in your business:

  • Guest speaking for your teams
  • Buying their courses
  • Taking part in their webinars to help white mentors be more inclusive

4. Beginners Guide

Download this Beginners Guide Anti-Racism Resource List. This is a comprehensive list covering all of your questions about white privilege and racism and includes some further resources and educational guides. 

5. Donate

The freedom fund has recommended sending donations to BLM and the George Floyd Memorial Foundation. There are other funds being shared for local communities. 

6. Share IGTVs and Posts 

Lattice Hudson, Charlene Izere & Topsie Vandenbosch are on Instagram, and all three women have posted very powerful videos that are more than worth your time to watch.

7. Books for your family

Fill your family's book collection with books that show individuals from all walks of life. I love Ada Twist Scientist. Kruz reads it to me often. You can find it on Amazon! Educate your kids with appropriate reading materials for their age group.


Listen to your BIPOC friends, allow them to have a voice and their feelings be heard. When reaching out to your friends don't share your own feelings unless they ask. Ask how they are doing and let them know you're there for them. Buy them a coffee, hold space.

9. Confront injustice, don't be silent

Even if you don't feel comfortable. Stand up and speak out

10. VOTE!

Some states have primaries this month! is yours one of them? Let your voice be heard!

11. Stand up for BIPOC in your community Facebook groups

Some of them are flooded right now with things that are trying to silence BIPOC. You don't have to engage with an argument, but even just letting your neighbors know that you stand with them is powerful and shows your allyship. Educate the people in your community with the knowledge you have gained.

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