Create Raving Fans In Your Audience!

podcast Jan 05, 2021

We are here to talk about how to turn your followers into raving loyal fans and customers. Although I don't refer to people in my audience as fans, I love the sound of the phrase “raving” like excited fans raving not raging. 


I don't think of you as a fan. I think of you as an equal to me, like we're on this journey together. I look at us as being one and the same. But, when I say raving fan, I mean someone who is a loyal purchaser of your products and services, and most importantly, an active member of your community. 


A raving fan to me is someone that believes in your mission and believes why you're building your business and doing things the way that you're doing it. 


How to Create Raving Fans in your Audience and Cultivate your Comunity. 


Have a message that maybe goes against the norm. 


When I started the Stop the Hey Girl Movement I was met with a lot of negativity at the beginning. People were not responsive, because they thought the only way they could build a business and the only way that they have been taught was cold messaging. Even if cold messaging wasn't working for them, they were so scared to try something else. But, once they started to follow through, and they started to experience the winds, the connection, and the ideal clients they were working with, they started to build a core belief in the mission. 


People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it. 


I’m a podcaster, a speaker, a course creator, and a mentor. In all that I do, I speak about helping people build a business that they love, something that's sustainable and scalable, and people really got behind that message. 


Talk to people like they're human.  


Talk to them like you would if you were getting to know someone out in real life. Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean that human interaction has to change. Connect with them by video messages, voice messages, sending them pictures, sending them videos. I don't position myself to be above anybody else. I'm a normal person. And I talk to you like you're a normal human being. 


Act online as you do in real life. 


The Kayla that you see on Youtube, on Instagram, on lives, is the same Kayla you’re going to see at Target, in real life. I talk the same way. I use the same mannerisms. If I make a mistake or if I say something that sounds weird, I keep it in things. You notice my videos are one taker, right? In my podcast, I rarely edit it because this is who I am. Even if I mispronounce a word, or it's not the most cohesive phrase, what you see is what you get. 


People connect with that because they can relate to your run-on sentences, they can relate to your weird phrases, they can resonate with you because you’re showing up as a human being. They can feel comfortable around you. 


The other day someone asked me: 


Do you think it’s possible that your audience will not take you seriously if they see you putting your makeup on Instagram Live in a robe?


 And I'm so glad that she asked that because I do not want to work with someone who doesn't understand that I'm a real human and I show up as I am. I am just as good, just as talented, and just as much of a leader in my robe, as I am in a pantsuit. What I'm wearing doesn't change anything. I want my audience to get to know who Kayla is. I'm just as good no matter what I'm wearing. And I love showing up and I'm confident in myself with makeup and without. 


So I want to empower you here. No matter what you wear, you're just as good, just as powerful, just as talented. 


You might think that you have to be perfect to show up only on your best days. But I got to tell you, sister, that's not what people want to see. 


Don't just show the highlight reel on social media. 


Your audience wants to see the real you. It's not all about curated content. It's what's actually happening. Highlight reel and curated content aren’t real. Your audience is not seeking perfection from you. They want to see who you actually are. 


The strategy and tactics are great. But at the end of the day, you've got to show up as who you actually are because the reason why you're feeling burnt out is you're either trying to be something that you're not, or you're trying to be this version of you that isn't actually you.


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