Create Better Content on Instagram

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

Content is one of those things that we could talk about forever and it's something that you keep asking me about. So, you ask and as your business coaching fairy godmother, I deliver! 

Create learn from me content NOT look at me content 

This is the biggest change you can make to make your content — a little bit less look at me, and a lot more learn from me.

Here are some ideas of hot content on Instagram right now that you can use to spice up your Instagram feed and allow you audience to connect with you a little deeper. 

  • Carousel’s of multiple visuals that teach someone something
  • Sharing Instagram reels to your feed that's giving someone tips
  • Polarising content in which you're calling people out on things that you know that they're doing and that they're ready to change
  • Educational infographics

Create content that your audience actually cares about

It sounds simple but there are so many variables at play. What generally ends up happening is you will get on a good roll with your content because you're creating it for them but then you slide back to your comfort zone of creating content for you.

The biggest difference between a post that performs well and one that doesn’t is your audience deciding that it’s not relevant to them. 

In the space of three seconds they ask themselves: 

  • What's in it for me?
  • Why should I care?
  • Should I keep reading this?

If you don't hook them and if you don't bring them — they're out. And if they’re out in less than three seconds then your content won’t perform as well. 

Stop your audience in their tracks with The Hook

One of the most important things here is stopping someone in their tracks while they're scrolling/ How can you get them to stop their routine and pay attention to you?

One of my favourite things to do is to call out something that you know bugs them or say something that you know will trigger them. Why do we do this? Because they’re going to stop and spend more than three seconds on your post. 

Call out their struggles

Start by highlighting and mentioning issues you know they are struggling with, then present the solution. Your audience will then think ooh, this is something that I want to know so I need to keep reading. 

Stop posting for you  

Other than the hook, the biggest mistake that you're making in your content is your posting for you and not for them.

Take an experience that you've had and look at how you can use it to serve your audience. As business owners, we go through a lot of things and experience a lot of things that we learn so much from. Your audience wants to know, based on what you've been through, where you've come from and who you are. 

They want to know how they can learn from that and how it can make them better. Take those experiences and turn them into teaching content.

Tells stories and use inclusive language 

People are coming to social media for an escape. Use this to turn your experiences into storytelling content, where you're making it about them and not about you.  

Change “I” and “me” to “you” “us” and “we”. Instead of talking at them, bring them into the story. When someone feels included, heard and understood, especially women, they are going to feel like they're a part of the experience that you're describing, rather than someone who's just looking at your highlight reel.

Create the systems for your business that's going to change the game for you

Finally, having systems in place is one of the most important things you can do to keep content for your business fresh and prevent it from becoming an overwhelming experience. 

Having systems in place allows you to not only have a business that scales, but also have a business that you can unplug from so you’re not constantly a slave to the DM’s and phone notifications.

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