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Am I Cut Out For 1:1 Coaching?

podcast Feb 01, 2022

This topic is about one that I have been getting asked a ton. 


How do I know that I have what it takes? What are the signs that I need to be looking for? 


And I want to speak directly to you because when it comes to creating your own coaching offer, especially if you have been just in the thick of your network marketing company for a number of years, it's so common to think that you have to be equipped with a certain set of skills that you don't already naturally have. So, with coaching, I know for the Beachbody coaches out there, when you hear Beachbody coach, and when I talk about coaching, they are actually vastly different things. Let me really explain the difference. 


Beachbody Coach VS. Coaching 


A Beachbody coach is you are a distributor within the Beachbody company. When I say a coach, a coach is someone that essentially knows how to ask the right questions and hold space in a certain way so that the person who you are coaching is able to pull out the answers from within themselves. 


There is also an element in a lot of coaching packages that is consulting. Consulting is giving your advice, giving information, teaching, and training. Most people when they put together a coaching offer are a hybrid of the two coachings and consulting and everyone kind of has their own percentage of each. 


For example: 


I used to go a little bit more heavily on the consulting side. And over the past two years, I have gone a little bit closer to being a middle ground between a consultant and a coach. A coach in itself is not just someone that gives advice and gives information. A coach is someone that knows the right questions to ask, they know how to guide someone, they are not the hero, they're the guide. They are the passenger in the car, whereas your client is the one in the driver's seat. 


How to know when is the right time to add a 1:1 coaching offer


So I want you to tell me if this sounds like you, because the biggest thing that I hear is, how do I know that it's the right time? How do I know that the time is now to add in a coaching offer that complements my network marketing business? 


A lot of people recognize and love their network marketing business. But they also recognize that their income is capped. Essentially, this isn't a bad thing. Either their income is kept to a degree based on the amount of work that they want to put into their network marketing business. (You're going to hear me talk a lot more about this in the coming months. So stay tuned.) But not everyone is meant to climb to the top of a network marketing company. And this is a hill that I will die on. 


This is the hill. 


Not everyone is meant to be at the top. 


There's a reason why there's such a small percentage at the top. Because most people are not meant to climb to the top of a network marketing company. They are meant to get to what their version of the top is. And that is very different from person to person. But when you get to what your version of the top is for your network marketing business, you might be realizing that you are not feeling as fulfilled or able to provide the transformation as much as you want. That is the perfect sign where you're able to come in with a coaching offer that complements your network marketing business that you're able to help more people and pick more money up off of the table.


I talked about this on Instagram, I think it's really important to repeat. Remember, a lot of people also have people in their audience where your network marketing business cannot fully solve their problem. So what ends up happening, someone comes to you, they buy into your network marketing business, but it's not fully what they need. Then what happens, maybe they don't show up. They don't do the work. They don't get the results because they need more and they need more of you. So when you have a coaching offer You're able to essentially go from one option, that's not really a good fit to now two options that could be a great fit, meaning, your coaching offering itself, or your coaching offer and your network marketing products working together in tandem to essentially provide the result that the person is looking for. 


If this sounds like you, you have been pulled to change people's lives. You've been pulled to lead for as long as you can remember. You're meant to do this. However, maybe leading a team and a big team to the top of your network marketing business isn't really what you want. Getting to the top of a company is not for everyone. Maybe you realize that your true gifts, your true talents are meant to support someone and maybe a one-on-one, or a small group coaching basis, and you want to and you deserve to be paid for that. 


Some people try to offer this within their network marketing business, but then they get burned out because they're giving people hours and hours and hours of attention. But you're not being properly compensated. So it's not an equal energetic exchange, and for your client, because they're not paying for that extra they're getting from you, they do not have as much skin in the game that they need to get the transformation. Right, you realize that there's a better way, and you feel this pull towards something that you're more in alignment with and that you really believe in, and you really want to be compensated for that. 


You know who you are. 


You're confident in who you are in your business. 


And that's how you know that this is the right fit for you. 


What exactly should you offer once you decide to add a coaching offer? 


A lot of people, maybe this is even you have stepped back from their career because they realize that there's so much more they can do in the online space. But they're realizing that in their network marketing business, it's just not giving them everything that they need. Here's the thing that comes up. And I want you to let me know if this is you, you know this, but you just don't know how you can do this in conjunction with your network marketing business. You know that they can complement each other, you have some ideas, but you don't really know where to take it from there. 


What exactly should you offer? 


What should you charge? 


How should you deliver the coaching? 


How do you know that that's truly what your clients are going to want? 


All of these fears are valid. Because your network marketing business does not necessarily teach you to know this information. And this is why you know, that this is what you need help with. You're at this point. It's 2022. And you realize that something needs to change, because you've been thinking about it, and you've been on the hamster wheel of thinking about it, maybe taking one or two steps, and then backing off for the past couple of years. You don't want to quit. And you don't want to completely throw out everything that you've built, you just want to shift your path slightly. And you don't know necessarily what that looks like. You don't know what questions to ask or really the next couple of steps to take. And you want to define that and you want to support as you are taking that action. And when you think about what your business looks like, in the next couple of years, you see yourself getting to the point of the coaching offer in itself, providing that full-time income, so that what you do in your network marketing business doesn't have to be as stressful.  It gets to be a passion project, it gets to be where you enjoy what you're doing. But you're not bogged down by thinking man, “I hope that my check from my network marketing business is going to reflect my work and what I'm putting in.” It feels so far-fetched. 


But when you think about what you want in five years, that's what you see. You see yourself being able to do both, but you're not burnt out, you see yourself being able to do both. And they actually work together and a lot of your clients end up utilizing both because both your coaching offer and your network marketing offer can work closely together hand in hand to provide the transformation that you are ultimately looking for. Does that sound like you? Does that make you go holy moly, yes, that is me? 


That's how you know that you have what it takes because here's the thing. 


You have what it takes. 


The only thing that you are missing is the systems, the planning and to know what roadblocks to avoid from someone who has done it and has helped other people do it and create significant income. That is exactly why if you are like, “whoa, absolutely”, I'm going to tell you about the Intuitive Pivot Mastermind here in a second. 


But I want to give you three things that you are going to want to think about. Before you take that next step:


Make sure that the offer truly does complement your network marketing business. Because if it turns out to either be a repeat or a competing offer, then that could actually create more problems. 


Create a schedule and a plan so that you can work on both businesses, without necessarily working a ton more hours, or one, ending up having to essentially be sacrificed for the betterment of another, there's a way to do that there's a winning system for that. And that is exactly what I teach you. 


Make sure that you are pricing the offer so that it's competitive in the space. But most importantly, it is an even more energetic exchange. Because here's what happens: when you come from network marketing, and you're used to pricing that you don't set, you feel like your coaching has to match what that pricing is. But the fact of the matter is, in network marketing, there are so many other people that are paid before you are. That's why those numbers are what they are, with your coaching your margins. You get to create much better margins. So your pricing really needs to represent your knowledge, the experience, the heart, and the soul that you're putting in. And also your pricing really needs to be determined by the transformation:


Smaller transformations = smaller price points

Bigger life transformations = higher ticket larger price points. 


So you definitely want to think about that. When you focus on those three steps, you are ready to take the next steps in taking this idea out of your head and getting it out there into the world. Because right now, keeping this thought in your head for another year, certainly isn't serving you. And it also certainly is not serving the people on the other end. And this is exactly why I knew that I had to retool my mastermind and why I did not run a second round. In 2021, we made a sacrifice of that income, which was very substantial, because we knew that people needed to know different skills in order to balance both maximize their income, and essentially work fewer hours. 


I've been running two companies since the very, very beginning of 2021. And let me tell you what, there were times early on when I felt like I could never catch up. Now, where I'm sitting comfortably. I know that there were things that I did that made it so I'm actually working fewer hours in a day and fewer hours and days total in the week. But both businesses are functioning exactly as they should. And I get to teach you exactly how to create that system in your own business so that you can exceed the cap that you think your income is placed at. And also serve more people in even bigger ways. Because again, most of the customers that you have, who maybe are capped out as well on your network marketing side, are ready to come over to your coaching side. So that way, you have ways to more than double the revenue that you are making right now.


I almost said double but honestly, depending on where you want to fall and how you want to set up the offer, you have the ability to more than double it, depending on what you want to do. So with that being said, apply for the Intuitive Pivot Mastermind. We have nine spots available. And once they are filled, they are filled because I'm working with you so closely for over six months. I could not imagine having my hands in more than 10 businesses this closely at a given time, it just would not happen. So that is why we do need to cap this. 


So, submit the application so that we can work together to create that coaching offer that complements your network marketing business because trust me, you're feeling this nudge for a reason. Now, when you go back and listen to this episode again and you write down these three steps, I want to know what questions you have as you start to take action on them. 


So please take a screenshot of this episode, especially if it's speaking to you tagged me on Instagram stories, and then DM me with what questions you have so that I can make sure to get back to you personally and answer them. And also, if you have questions about the mastermind, if you're like, Kayla, I don't know if I'm a good fit for this, can you please tell it to me straight you know that I will. Because if you're someone that is not meant to do this, or if you have an idea that I'm confident in the fact that it will not sell, I will tell you, you just have to slide into my DMs and share and we'll see if it's a good fit. 


Trust me when I say the direction that we are shifting in heading into the end of quarter one, and the beginning of quarter two is going to completely blow your mind. If you thought that the stop The Hey Girl movement was revolutionary, just wait until you see what we will be releasing it is changing the network marketing game forever. And the absolute coolest part is that the ladies inside of my mastermind get a taste and get to experience this revolutionary product first. 


Until next week, 



Kayla Ybanez is a top industry business coach, international public speaker, and founder of The Modes Project and Ybanez Media. Kayla says goodbye to outdated strategies like icky “hey girl” cold messages and HELLO to changing societal norms about the Network Marketing industry.


Kayla Ybanez is a top industry business coach, international public speaker, and founder of The Modes Project and Ybanez Media. Kayla says goodbye to outdated strategies like icky “hey girl” cold messages and HELLO to changing societal norms about the Network Marketing industry.