Going From Influencer To Coach With Taylor Jones

podcast Nov 17, 2020

From being primarily the influencer where she was the liaison between a customer and the brand itself to actually being the owner of her personal brand, Taylor Jones is here with us to talk about her journey going from influencer to coach. 


Differences between an influencer and a coach 


When you're peddling somebody else's product, and showcasing that it almost feels a little “easier”. As an influencer, you just need to show off the value of this, why it matters, why you would want to partake in this product. It’s about showing your face and telling how this product can change the life of the person watching. 


But, when you jump into being a mentor or coach, it’s so much bigger than that. You have to take full ownership of what you're saying, and how you're teaching. It’s not about just replying to a comment they say, but going to the roots of it. Asking them things like: “why do you continue to quit?”, “how do we change this mindset?” and whatnot. 


So, the biggest difference is that being an influencer is more about being superficial with a product and the way you show it, whereas being a coach is more intimate. You better care about what you’re saying. You better be rooted in proven methods, and there better be reasoning as to why you feel confident to show up in this space, for this person, for this audience, because they’re investing in themselves through you. 


“People are investing in themselves through you”. 


What is it like to launch a new business? 


“I remember the day I launch in January 2020. I was freaking out because, like you have told me, in the first-hour people are not used to buying from me, that they were used to buy directly from the brand. There was a roller coaster of emotions. When the hour passed and nothing happened, I started to question myself internally: 


What am I doing? 

Is anyone going to purchase this? 

Does anyone even want this? 

Did I promote it the right way? 


All these questions were happening… and then one person buys. Then, the second one. Then, the third one, and so on.” 


Launching your business is a roller coaster. Celebrate the wins and learn from the downs. Wear all of the hats that are needed to create your business. Step up! 


Show up and do the work! 


One of the things that Taylor talks about in one of her programs is about to quit quitting. It’s mostly about mindset, but she guides you on how are you going to do the work to get there. Taylor focuses on working with you and how are you showing up, and how the people around are reacting and supporting you. 


Nobody can tell what you can have, and what you can’t have. You deserve everything. But, you have to choose internally what things are aligned with the goals that you want to accomplish. How do you show up and how do you do the work that demands that goal is what’s important. 


You don’t have to start with everything at once right away. Instead of going to a place from A to Z on day one, focus on smaller goals that will ultimately help you get that bigger goal. 

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